Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

An eating disorder is a serious illness that affects a person’s mental and physical health. It is estimated that 10 million US men and 20 million US women have or will have an eating disorder in their lifetime.

According to the latest version of the DSM, there are several different eating disorder diagnoses: 

An estimated 30-40% of individuals who are seeking weight loss, meet the criteria for binge-eating disorder.

All eating disorders are serious and life-threatening.  Eating Disorders require treatment. They affect all organs of the body.  The earlier a person with an eating disorder receives treatment, the greater likelihood of recovery.  


Most people think of eating disorders and envision a malnourished individual.  Time and treatment history has shown eating disorders affect individuals of all different races, genders, social classes, and ages.  Meaning, you cannot look at somebody and diagnose them with an eating disorder.

For more information on eating disorders, click here to go to the National Eating Disorder Alliance webpage. 

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Why work with a RDN at Main Line Nutrition?


Our trained and experienced experts will work with you to create realistic and customized goals because we want to support our clients and recovery. We set realistic goals, establish a treatment team, and work together to fight your eating disorder.  We will normalize your relationship with food, your body, and exercise.


Behavior change can be hard. That is why our dietitians are trained in behavior-change coaching, to help you identify barriers and create realistic strategies so that you can reach your goals and accomplish difficult tasks.


Our dietitians have years of experience working with adolescents, teens, and adults. As well LGBTQ+ CommunityThat experience includes working with inpatient/residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), intense out patient (IOP), and out patient. 

Program Results  

Our Nourish program was designed to deliver results through our customized approach. Not only does the approach yield results, it is budget friendly. We accept most insurance plans and bill them directly to allow you to focus on your wellness. For those who are self pay, we offer a 15%+ discount to assist in off setting the cost.  Learn More