25 Exciting & Healthy Stocking Stuffers & Gifts

Calling all fitness enthusiasts, wellness gurus, and food lovers for these stocking stuffers and gifts! These dietitian-approved gifts are perfect for your friends, family, and coworkers! Enjoy these 25 healthy stocking stuffers & gifts for the holidays.

Healthy Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Justin’s Almond Butter Packets

holiday stocking stuffer

We love Justin’s! Makes for a balanced snack to have on hand for any “hangry” emergency paired with dried or fresh fruit!

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

holiday stocking stuffer

Sometimes straws just make it easier to get our liquids in! Get these #1 best-seller 18 eco-friendly straws for under $10 when it’s on sale!  

12-Fix Healthy Living Program Gift 

healthy stocking stuffers

This program is on sale for just under $25! This is our most valued program broken down to just $2.08 per week while on sale. See sale details here.


fitness stocking stuffer

A trendy 5 pack of scrunchies in shades of blue, cream, pink, and blush in soft material! Price ranges from just under $10 to $12 depending on Amazon’s sales!

Yogi Cookie Cutters (And veggie, cheese, granola bar cutters!)

yogi stocking stuffer

Calling all yoga lovers! Have you ever thought about using cookie cutters for sandwiches, cheese, pancakes, fruit, homemade granola bars, or veggies? We think these are so cute!

Motivating Water Bottle

fitness stocking stuffer

No more excuses that someone can’t get enough water in the day! Use this motivational water bottle to pace water drinking! Our clients love it.

Fruit Slicers for Multiple Fruit Types

food lover stocking stuffer

Make snack prep easier with these fruit slicers!

Flip Belt for a Run/Walk or Gym

fitness stocking stuffer

A necessity on your daily runs! Perfect to hold a phone, keys, running fuel, earpod case, and more. 

Lily’s Chocolate – No Sugar Added, Sweetened with Stevia

chocolate lover stocking stuffer

We recommend this chocolate for our chocoholics who don’t want to add any more sugar to their diets. Curb that sweet tooth with Lily’s. 

Non-Bulky Veggie Spiralizer

food lover stocking stuffer

Perfect for making noodles with veggies, aka Zoodles!

Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Goals Planner Log

Wellness Planner

Everyone holds the power to make better choices. This potential can be tapped and maximized with awesome accountability tools. Your loved ones can use this priority planner and wellness log to strategically simplify their life and become their best self for just $19.99.

Kids Bento Box

food lover stocking stuffer

We love this adorable bento box, helping with portions for each food group and preventing a freak-out moment when food gets mixed!

Bento Box for Adults

food lover stocking stuffer

We love this adult & teen bento box, helping with portions and on-the-go or workplace eating.

Blue Light Glasses

wellness stocking stuffer

Staring at a computer screen all-day may cause some eye strain, end-of-the-day headaches, and sleepiness. We like to use blue light glasses. 

50-Pack Meal Prep Containers

food prep stocking stuffer

Got a friend that loves to meal prep, or a meal prep wanna-be? Turn their meal planning storage into the easiest thing with this bulk pack of containers. 

Bigger Healthy Gifts at $25 and Up

Yoga Mat

yoga holiday gifts

Who doesn’t love a yoga mat to decompress, meditate, or stretch? 

Meal Plan

holiday stocking stuffers and gifts

Anderson’s Nutrition has a robust meal planning program to assist on your journey to simpler, better health. Purchase a one-month meal plan or subscription where they will meet virtually with their own dietitian to receive nutrition guidance and a personalized meal plan.

Air Fryer

food lover gift

If your loved one doesn’t have an air-fryer yet, hop on this one! We love the air fryer! It’s so quick and can make non-fried food taste crispy and crunchy! We use it to roast veggies, bake proteins, and reheat food. This may be a gift you want to buy yourself!

Soda Stream

food lover gift

Got a friend who is addicted to carbonation? Get them this Soda Stream to carbonate water. They can add their own flavorings to make their own unsweetened soda!

Salad Spinner

food lover gift

Keep salads crisp with a salad spinner! No more soggy.

Foam Roller

fitness gift

Gym buddy, coworker, or family member complaining of sore muscles? Foam rolling is a perfect form of self-care especially for those who are more sore-prone.


wellness gift

Our favorite feature of this DNA test is the health report. Discover disposition to certain medical conditions and open your eyes to your ancestry.


fitness gift

Can’t go wrong with a back, neck, feet shiatsu massager that gets to deep tissue! The nice thing about this one is it’s priced under $50 and you can bring it on car rides, to the office, just at home, pretty much anywhere.

Ninja Blender

food lover gift

Calling all smoothie lovers! Ninja is a quality brand blender. 

Smart Watch

fitness gift

This smartwatch is affordable and can track heart rate, steps, sleep, and more for $35.99. This one seems to be the best at such an affordable price. If your loved one is a lot more serious with their training for running, swimming, or biking, try Garmin or Coros products. 


Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy this list! For more healthy stocking stuffers or gift, contact us to get your loved one scheduled to meet one-on-one with a nutrition coach or find out more about our offers.


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