Valentine’s Day Without Chocolate? Well, Yes!

What do you think about when you hear the word Valentine’s? Flowers? Gifts? Dining out? Chocolates and candies? Too many of our patients come into a session after Valentine’s Day and tell us that the weekend was very difficult. They typically mention that it was hard due to eating out and consuming a lot of candy. We have a thought… Since when did the holiday become about food? It’s not uncommon that many holidays revolve around food. So why not change the pattern this year? Try to think outside the box.

Here are 22 suggestions for non-food gifts for Valentine’s:

  1. Take a walk around at a local park
  2. Buy a gift card to iTunes to get some new music or podcasts for working out
  3. Pick out a bouquet of flowers for the house
  4. Gift them a back, shoulders, and neck massager OR a foot massager
  5. Purchase a subscription to an e-magazine or e-reader app
  6. Buy stationary for the person who loves to send thank you cards or notes to friends
  7. Give them new tech accessories:
  8. Help them reach their goals by purchasing a month or 3-month access to a health coach!
  9. Fun water cups, wine tumbler, tumblers for adults and kids
  10. Personalized heart coffee mugs 
  11. Tea lover subscriptions 
  12. Yoga gear
  13. Accountability Journal & Planner 
  14. Essential oil diffuser
  15. Personalized star map
  16. Bath bombs 
  17. Soy candles with healing crystals inside
  18. heart-shaped waffle iron 
  19. weighted blanket
  20. Subscription to Freshly 
  21. Personalized picture frame
  22. customized meal plan

Enjoy the love! 


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