best gift ideas for mothers day

21 Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day: Self Care & Food-Related

Celebrating moms everywhere! As moms ourselves, we know what the busy but rewarding life is like! So we came up with 21 self-care & food-related best gift ideas for Mother’s Day! 


Self-Care/Wellness Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. Gift her a Back, Shoulders, and Neck massager OR a Foot massager
  2. Purchase her a subscription to an e-magazine or e-reader app
  3. Get her a Flower Subscription
  4. Calm her with a Tea-Lover Gift Set
  5. Get mom some relaxation Shower Steamers 
  6. Help mama relax with Bath Bombs 
  7. You can’t go wrong with a Soy Candle
  8. Get her an on-demand facial with this Mud Mask
  9. Give her a Gratitude Journal
  10. Give mom a year of self-care with this One Year of Self Care Practice Book
  11. Support mom at becoming her best self with an Accountability Journal & Planner 
  12. Keep her feet comfy with Slippers
  13. Bump up her bath experience with a Bathtub Caddy
  14. Relieve some anxiety/stress with a Weighted Blanket
  15. Provide a more relaxing morning with a Fluffy Fleece Bathrobe
  16. Remind mama of your love with this Heart-Shaped Mother’s Day Succulent

Food-Related Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. Who doesn’t love Charcuterie Boards
  2. Is your mom crazy about her coffee? Get her a Temperature-Control Coffee Mug
  3. Relieve some of mama’s dinner-time stress with a subscription to Freshly 
  4. Get rid of the “what’s for dinner?” question with a Customized Meal Plan



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