Setting and Sticking to Your SMART Goals

You’re taking off to a place you haven’t been before. How do you navigate there? Chances are, you use a GPS system or Google Maps on your phone. 

Just like you need a map to navigate to a foreign location, you need a roadmap to achieve goals you maybe haven’t achieved before. Or maybe you have been there before, but you still need the map to make sure you’re on the right roads. 

What’s your “why”?

When you want to achieve something in your life, start by setting a goal. But before you start, it is crucial that you reflect on your “why’s”. What’s your why? Why are you wanting to do this? What’s your motivation?

  • Do you want to eat more vegetables so you can decrease the need for medication?
  • Would you like to improve your nutrition to benefit your growing baby inside you?
  • Do you need to eat healthier so you can improve in a sport?
  • Are you wanting to lose weight so you can play with your grandkids?

Once you’ve come up with your “why”, get an object or symbol to help you remember the why. Put it somewhere you can remember. Put the picture of your grandkids on your mirror, or a reminder in your phone. Something to help when it feels difficult to continue with your goal. Something that will say to you “don’t give up or give in. Here’s why you’re doing this.”

SMART goals

Now to the actual setting of the goal. We have all heard this acronym many times, but it is a good old acronym! SMART. 

  • Specific: Of course we all like to start by saying, “I want to be healthier”. Swap that to, “I will eat 5 vegetables every day”. Notice the use of will instead of want or try.
  • Measureable: How are you going to measure that goal? Are you going to write it down? Are you going to use an app? Tracking daily will give the best results. 
  • Actionable: What will your approach look like? Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to break it down into bite-size goals. If your goal is to run a marathon, obviously you’re not going to put it on your calendar and say you’ll run when you feel like it. You’ll need to plan it out, increase your mileage each week, and meal plan to optimize your training.
  • Relevant or Realistic: Are you approaching too many goals at once? Maybe you’re pursuing the wrong goals? This one is so personal to you. Sometimes it takes a lot of pondering to come up with what’s right for you.
  • Time-Based: When will you achieve this? Put that date on all your calendars. Get a countdown on your phone. Remind yourself weekly where you stand and how far you are from that goal.

Now, it’s time for action! Get that GPS going and you will take that road to your destination. Don’t forget to evaluate where you’re at on the journey and occasionally redirect your route if you see a better road for you.

Need help finding your “why” and setting your SMART goals for next year? Let’s talk!

Written by Britney Giles

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