Main Line Nutrition is a nutrition assessment and counseling practice. We provide individuals and families with integrative nutrition care, intervention and monitoring to allow the body to optimally function and heal.


A good diet is essential to your overall health, but with so much “advice” available, knowing what a good diet is can be confusing. Nutrition counseling can help you learn how to eat better, lose weight or how to best manage certain health conditions.  We’ll use personalized approach to help you make better nutrition choices to meet your individual health needs.  Our dietitians will evaluate your current diet and make suggestions for improvements, such as adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, cutting calories or reducing your intake of fatty foods.

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Tammy Leeper, RDN

Tammy received her BS in Nutrition at Arizona State University and completed her Dietetic Internship with Maricopa County Public Health. Tammy’s approach to nutrition is that “it’s not one size fits all”. She helps clients work towards a healthier life in a manner genuine to them and encourages a positive relationship with food to honor its role in providing fuel for our bodies

Let one of our registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) help you to recover from an eating disorder and continue on a healthy lifestyle path by improving your relationship with food and yourself. We will curate a unique balance of education, support, and coaching to fit your individual needs.

What You Get From Main Line Nutrition


Changing behavior can be difficult. Our registered dietitians in Malvern are trained in behavior-change coaching. This type of coaching helps you identify barriers and create realistic strategies to make it possible to reach your goals and accomplish real lifestyle changes.


Our Malvern nutritional experts are trained and experienced. We'll work with you to create attainable and customized goals. We strive to support our clients through recovery. Together, we will set realistic goals, establish a treatment team, and work to fight your eating disorder. We can help you normalize your relationship with food, exercise, and your body.

Nutrition Coaching in Malvern, PA

Health and fitness goals can feel intimidating and leave you frustrated. Maybe you’ve tried multiple diet and workout programs, attempted to follow someone else’s fitness routine or even gone with an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach, only to determine that you can’t find the results you desire – you can’t quite stumble upon that magic formula – long term success. All bodies are different. All starting points are different. All lifestyles are different. And all goals are different, which is why you need a personalized approach to reach your goals. Learning your specific body and mind is the only way to achieve lasting results.


Fad diets no longer worked for me. My nutritionist taught me that balancing my food and portion control will not only help me lose weight, but is the key for a healthy life.
Monica Shank
My dietitian’s guidance makes me feel confident that a healthy lifestyle with food is not out of reach…To say that I am happy with my dietitian’s hard work and patience with me is not enough, she gives me hope and strength to keep trying.
28 yr old Female
My dietitian helped me to fuel more efficiently. I’ve felt better stamina and more strength in my swing. I'm also sleeping better and feel more energized.
Male Athlete

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What are the main types of eating disorders?

The two most serious eating disorders are anorexia nervosa (anorexia) and bulimia nervosa (bulimia).

What is binge eating disorder?

People with binge eating disorder have episodes of binge eating in which they consume extreme quantities of food within short periods of time, and feel out of control while they are bingeing.

What causes an eating disorder?

There is no single cause of an eating disorder. Eating disorders, like several other psychiatric conditions, often cluster in families, and we now recognize that genetic vulnerability plays a significant role in risk for developing an eating disorder.