What is our Nourish Program?

Nourish is our program that is designed to work with individuals that experience eating disorders and disordered eating.

The program includes:

  • Weekly one-on-one private session
  • Bi-Weekly Support Group (optional)
  • Participation with other healthcare providers
  • Support materials

We will design a unique style of education, support, and coaching to fit YOUR needs.

Are you or a loved one concerned about your relationship with food and yourself?  Does food make you feel anxious or out of control? Have you been on multiple diets or weight loss pursuits? Are you ready to give up on dieting and pursue evidence-based intuitive eating?

At Main Line Nutrition, our eating disorder dietitians have a realistic approach that makes the process enjoyable and helps heal your relationship with food.

Disorders we work with


Let your registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) help you to recover from an eating disorder and continue on a healthy path by improving your relationship with food and yourself.

Our Results

Our clients find a long-lasting result of healing with their relationship with food. They are able to work with other professionals to heal all aspects of their eating disorder.

"My dietitian's guidance makes me feel confident that a healthy lifestyle with food is not out of reach... To say that I am happy with my dietitian's hard work and patience with me is not enough, she gives me hope and strength to keep trying."

28 year old female

    Meet our Dietitians

    Alex Antolos,  RDN 

    Alexandra Antolos RDN, LDN graduated from West Chester University with her B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics. Alexandra attended Stony Brook University-School of Medicine in Long Island New York where she completed her dietetic internship. Alex worked at The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia for 2+ years. There, she helped clients work towards food freedom and overall-well being through a non-diet approach. Her passion is helping individuals of all ages heal their relationship with food and their bodies, in addition to taking a non-diet approach towards overall nutrition. Alex values a “down-to-earth” style approach with her clients to help them find self-motivation and set realistic and attainable nutrition goals. 

    Alex is available M-Sat, Downingtown, Wayne, and Virtual

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    Schyler Melsky, RDN

    Schyler Melsky RDN, LDN is a Health At Every Size ® (HAES) aligned dietitian and her nutrition philosophy is rooted in intuitive eating. She received her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University in 2018 and continued on to complete her dietetic internship with Wellness Workdays the following year. Schyler has experience working with eating disorders in both the PHP and IOP settings. She enjoys helping clients heal their relationships with food through balanced and varied nutrition.

    Schyler is available M-Sat, Downingtown, Wayne, and Virtual

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    Tammy Leeper, RDN

    Tammy received her BS in Nutrition at Arizona State University and completed her Dietetic Internship with Maricopa County Public Health. Tammy’s approach to nutrition is that “it’s not one size fits all”. She helps clients work towards a healthier life in a manner genuine to them and encourages a positive relationship with food to honor its role in providing fuel for our bodies.

    Tammy is available Saturdays Virtual.

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    Eating Disorder Dietitian Near Me

    Program Cost

    $ 529 Month
    • Weekly one-on-one private sessions
    • Bi-Weekly Support Group (optional)
    • Participation with other healthcare providers
    • Support materials
    • *Medical insurance may be used for program costs

    Using Medical Insurance 

    Most insurance companies will provide benefits for the one-on-one nutrition counseling, often times the coverage is at 100. We suggest that if you want insurance to cover, you check your insurance coverage before setting an appointment.

    Learn How To Check Your Insurance Benefits

    There are some expenses that are not covered by insurance. This includes the bi-weekly support groups ($29/mo), any starter materials that are needed, and equipment that your dietitian recommends.


    We are available in most states for virtual one-on-one.

    Meet your dietitian from anywhere there is a connection from any device. Our HIPAA compliant software lets you enjoy the flexibility but keeping the in-person feel.



    Check location details for the addresses. 

    Meet your dietitian at our locations in Pennsylvania. Our rooms are large enough for a family to feel comfortable and get the hands-on experience they are looking for.

    Not ready to join the program? You can schedule a NO COST learn more call or pay as you go.  Pay as you go sessions are 1 hour and cost $150. 

    If you are looking for a registered dietitian in your area, Main Line Nutrition is happy to provide local services to the following areas: PhoenixvilleMalvernDowningtonCoatesville. For general inquiries, please contact us using the form here.

    Meeting with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for an Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating

    Did you know that a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is an expert in the nutrition field?

    Many of the RDNs at Main Line Nutrition has a Master’s Degree and hold additional certifications. All of them hold the credentials of an RDN through the CDR.